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Graduate Student Funding Crisis Requires Action! RVSP our Dec 12 event!

Graduate students, universities, media and major publications are all aware that there is a growing financial crisis being experienced by graduate students. This crisis is not being met with the urgency required to support students today or in the years to come. The TSSU and GSS are launching a joint campaign for a Grad COLA (cost of living adjustment) which presents a platform of demands required to meet the current crisis. 

The campaign is launching on December 12th and we want graduate students to join up to MAKE SOME NOISE! Students are struggling to put food on the table so we are asking everyone to bring their empty pots, pans and utensils so we can bang on them loud enough for the university to realize they need to be filled. Fair funding for graduate students is going to require our collective effort. Join us and bring as many graduate students and supporters (faculty, undergrads, staff) with you.

December 12 @ 12 noon

SFU Burnaby Campus Blusson Hall Entrance Near the Bus Loop

Please RVSP for the event to get updates and for us to plan for attendance. 

In order to remind the university administration that it is the “season of giving” we will have holiday hats for students for people to wear and as well t-shirts for the campaign. 

If you have questions or want to support the organizing please email organizer@tssu.ca






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