GradCOLA Platform

Immediate action is needed to respond to the graduate student funding crisis at SFU. This is a problem created by decades of inaction. We do not need more studies, we do not need more reports, we do not need charity. We need action now!

Our Demands

  1. Guaranteed minimum offer of $33,280 (after tuition deductions) with annual increases, for all research based graduate students.
  2. Eliminating practice of using funding offers as an artificial cap on grad student incomes: more income must be provided for more work.
  3. Tuition freeze, reductions or waivers.
  4. Paying International Student Health Fee for affected grad students and their families.
  5. Graduate student housing that is linked to 30% of graduate income (after tuition) with the addition of more units.
  6. Pay and benefits for all graduate student RAs equivalent to TAs.
  7. Ensuring access to affordable food and groceries on or near the campuses.
  8. Affordable childcare near all three campuses (Burnaby, Vancouver & Surrey)
  9. Ensuring all practicums are paid and waiving practicum & co-op fees.
  10. Public review of all third party contracts at the University.
  11. Increasing the academic and research percentage of the University budget.